PA020012.JPGWhen I woke up this morning, I knew we’d probably be husking some corn (if yesterday’s rain hadn’t prevented it from being harvested), but I really didn’t fully grasp what the day would hold.

When I came to the front desk to give our receptionist a break she told me, “Oh, by the way, someone brought in some plums.”

A bag of plums awaited me (joyful the thought), but I wouldn’t even think of tackling them until the corn had all been shucked.

By early afternoon, though, 696 ears of corn had been cleaned and bagged, thanks to a great team of staff, volunteers and residents.  These, along with the 1,200 we processed this past Friday, ought to provide plenty of corn for the year.  The freezers we use for corn are FULL!!

So, when the corn was pretty much under control, I decided I might as well get to work on the plums.  I had thought I would use cheese cloth after first cooking up the plums, but changed my mind.  Instead, I cut the eight cups worth of plums open and took out the pits, also removing any spots/blemishes.  I found a recipe which called for using this method and, about an hour or so later, had several small jars of plum (freezer) jam setting on the table in our Activity Room kitchenette.

Although our freezers are more crowded after today’s corn, I hope we can find room for these jars without too much trouble.

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