cheesecake-2867614_1920.jpgThis morning, I was of no use as far as liturgical music was concerned; I couldn’t sing.  I tried a little for the opening hymn, but by the time we got to the Gloria, I had to give up. (Seasonal allergies have deprived me of any singing ability I might normally have had.  I don’t think I have a cold – I feel okay, but there is a certain unusual huskiness to my voice at present.)

I felt kind of awkward, like a fish out of water.

Before Mass, I had arranged with Sr. Elaine that she play the refrain for the responsorial psalm on the organ and help sing it since I could not promise any assistance from my aggravated vocal chords.

It was kind disappointing to have limited music at Sunday Mass, but what could I do?  Nothing!!

My temporary experience of being voiceless, for some reason, reminded me of a school assignment I had back in my early teens.  We were told to write a letter to one of our legislators, sharing our views on a topic of our own choosing.  We did not, necessarily have to mail the letter, butt he project was to write one, anyway.

Within the month of having turned in this assignment, I received written response from the government official to whom I had addressed the letter.

I had NOT mailed my letter, so much teacher must have done so herself!  Boy, was I surprised!

I had expressed my views about the injustice of abortion.  I had explained that unborn children cannot speak up for themselves so I would attempt to speak for them.

I still remember my dad advising my on the correct wording to use. 🙂  For some reason, this experience of speaking on behalf of “the voiceless,” has stayed with me all these years.

As I reflected a bit on this today, I realized that there are many people in our world who are, in their own way, voiceless.  Even our own residents at St. Anne’s and many other elderly may fall into this category.

This experience of being “voiceless” serves as a reminder to me.

When the occasion arises, I might be called to “speak up” for those who cannot “speak for themselves,” as I mentioned in a school project letter over twenty years ago.

2 thoughts on “Voiceless

  1. I don’t know what your morning beverage is but strong lemonade made from two fresh lemons and hot water, sweetened by honey, is my suggestion. Our choir director used to make this hot beverage for us before special services or concerts. It worked very well and if you make a large amount? Can be refrigerated and heated in the microwave.

    My heart goes out to you for this sticky problem. I hope you can get rid of the “frog” in your throat without medication.


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