Strength from “Our Daily Bread”

This Sunday’s gospel tells of the possibility that one may “not be strong enough” to make it on the journey of life, to reach our goal of heaven.

At Mass last evening, hearing these words of the homily, made me reflect…

I know that I am called to love others and to treat each person with love as I would Christ, especially those who I might consider “least.”  In Matthew’s account of the Last Judgement, we realize that this is even requisite for entering the Kingdom.  However, I realized, too, that I may not always have the strength to do this.   I have my own personal struggles that can distract me from this obligation and hinder me from fulfilling it.  I really don’t know if I have the strength to live each day as I am called to!

When the time came for Communion, however, I received the strength I needed for that day.   I don’t have strength for tomorrow or the next day, but, in the Eucharist, Jesus gives me strength for today!

This reminds me of the Israelites who were out in the dessert for years on their way back from Egypt.  They were only allowed to gather just enough Manna (bread from heaven) for the day (Exodus 16).  They could not save any overnight.  They were asked to trust God to supply it anew on the morrow.

I realize that I, too, need to receive strength for the day in the true “Bread from Heaven” that I receive at Mass.  I need to pray and trust our Lord to give me the strength and grace I need just for today.  The strength comes from Him.

Now, I am reminded of the old gospel song: One Day at a Time!

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