The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

dscn5033This morning, after things had settled down a little bit, a couple of residents and I were inspired to sing “The sun will come out tomorrow…” from Annie.  I don’t remember what exactly triggered it, but it seemed fitting.

With all of yesterday’s craziness (including a state health survey, three unexpected overnight visitors, a man seeking funeral advice, and much more), the sun had to come out today.

And, yes…things were looking up!  The surveyor left last evening and I finally finished the video I’ve been working on (for days) for our 65th anniversary celebration.

After carefully selecting background music that was free to use, I uploaded it to YouTube for ease in sharing.  To my dismayed surprise, I received notice that a couple of the musical selections were subject to copyright law.  I am now awaiting permissions that I didn’t know I needed.

This process of scanning old albums to create a video for our big day (Monday) has been a wonderful learning process and history lesson.

You can share in the little lesson be watching it below.


2 thoughts on “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

  1. THanks for your effort Sister,I enjoyed the entire 28 min..never knew a soul,and good choice of accompanying Music,,Bob Bray. And at 100 a week or so ago,older than any on the photos?


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