“Just a Weary Pilgrim”

Sr. Christina M. Neumann

For some reason, “pilgrim” was my word for today.  It stood out to me both at my time of prayer and when Father happened to use it in his homily at Mass.

In fact, the words of the familiar folk song: “When the Saints Go Marching In” came to mind.

In one of its verses, this old tune comments: “I am just a weary pilgrim traveling through this world of sin, Getting ready for my Savior when the Saints go marching in.”

This verse kind of sums up how I feel at times.

I don’t know about you but, for me, the continual struggles of life can make me feel weary at times.  Some situations just don’t seem to get better, but carry on, day after day and week after week, as I continue on the pilgrimage of life.

I remind myself, though, that these problems won’t last for ever.

Through them all, I am, hopefully, “getting ready for the Savior.”  Even amidst the struggles, I have to try to live in a way pleasing to Him.

The struggles must be a bridge rather than an obstacle in my pilgrim journey toward (and with) Him.

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One thought on ““Just a Weary Pilgrim”

  1. Yes – there are many days, many seasons… when life seems ‘weary’ and burdens tax us our energy – physically emotionally, spiritually. Today I am reminded of the value of our Morning Offering prayer – joining it all mindfully and willfully to Jesus’ many sacrifices while on earth, and how each of us can benefit the Poor Souls Suffering, those on earth needing to repent, and our own need for penance. In God’s Economy – NOTHING is wasted or worthless. Let us keep Marching On in good faith, without fear, toward the Prize! Thank you for your reflections, Sr. Christina

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