Which One?

imageedit_15_6499401804.jpgToday is a day of ambiguities, you might say.

This morning, for Morning Prayer, I was surprised that we used the full Office of St. Joseph; this celebration of St. Joseph the Worker is just an optional memorial.

Then, we went to Mass, and Father did not observe the memorial at all, simply using the Wednesday of the second week of Easter, another surprise!

The Mass to be attended was another instance of options and decisions.  There was a special Mass with the school children including a May Crowning, celebrated by the Bishop.  I had wanted to attend, but it didn’t work out with my schedule so we went to the early morning Mass instead.

And the ambiguity of my day continues….

I could ask myself today, what is my job title?  Am I a receptionist?  Am I involved in social ministry?  Am I a personal care aide?  Today, I’ll be all three, with another meeting in between and will finish my day at the reception desk again!  (I’ll be filling in for a sick aide/receptionist after my regular work duties.)

It will be an interesting day, I’m sure.  Who knows what other little ambiguities and challenges will come up?!

joseph-statue.jpgI pray that St. Joseph, the Worker, will intercede for me in all of it.

One thought on “Which One?

  1. This morning praying the Office, I said all the prayers for the optional memorial of St. Joseph, who has been my favorite Saint and foster father for my many years (82) of my life. My real dad died when I was about 6 years old (TB). At Mass this morning, the visiting priest celebrated the Mass for St. Joseph, which made us daily Mass attendees so happy! It is an “interesting day” and a great day too!


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