Christmas in July

gl27520rv20red20chalice20veilThis morning, I put a red chalice veil on over the pall and finished a couple of other sacristy duties before grabbing breakfast and heading to the front desk.  It matched nicely with the lacy tabernacle veil some feet away.

I like it when things match.  Call me silly, but when the visiting priest walks out into the sanctuary with corresponding vestments, it “does my heart good.”

But, alas, this was not to be the case on this occasion.  Father came out in green!

Oh, my…we had Christmas in July!  His green contrasted noticeably with the red!

This has happened before when my guess at the Mass of choice differed from the Mass that was actually chosen.  (When there are optional memorials for a day, I have to make an educated guess” as to what Mass to set up for, marking the missal and putting on altar cloths accordingly.)

It’s only too bad that Sr. Elaine (organist today) didn’t play “Joy to the World” as a postlude or recessional.

image2I just hope that “every heart” in our congregation still lovingly “prepare[s] Him room” every time we gather, despite distracting discrepancies.


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