These Four Years

Today, for me, marks four years,
which have held both joy and tears,
since I final profession made
when on our chapel floor I laid.

I am so grateful for this call,
That I am His through it all!
Whether days be bleak or bright,
I’m always with Him, in His sight.

I don’t know what the years will hold,
what will come before I’m old.
But I pray that I always might
do what’s pleasing in His sight.

I pray He’ll use these feeble hands,
these feet which need His help to stand
to bring His blessings to those in need,
and that He’ll always take the lead.


4 thoughts on “These Four Years

  1. This prayer is so touching, Sr. Christina. I know you’ve made God, Father, Son and Spirit, well pleased with your work, your character and how humbly you serve Him.May you have many years of pleasure serving Him through those who need help. You are a real inspiration to me. Barb


  2. I agree with this comment! Sister, you have brought Sonshine, life, and a sense of “family” to Saint Anne’s Guest Home. The aura there is so different than other elderly care facilities; and it is largely due to the care and love you pour out to the residents. Your faith shines out before you, long before your smile can be seen… and your joy for living out your faith spreads out to all there. Thank you for all you do; what you do really matters!


  3. Sister Christina,
    This is a beautiful poem. How blessed you are that you were chosen to be His bride!
    May God grant you many years to serve Him here on earth so you can rejoice with Him in Heaven.


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