St. Nicholas Day & Eve Traditions

(I’ve asked a few of our Sisters if they have any memories of traditions for St. Nicholas Day.  Lacking much response as of yet, I’ve been forced to include one of my own as well.)

6acfd277b52f162a63df49a215c0a2a2“I do not know any particular traditions of our Sisters, but here at Little Flower School, at one time they had a pastor with the name of Nicholas.  Msgr. Nicholas Cloos would see that the annual Christmas play was on the feast of St. Nicholas.  Following the play he would quiz children about the faith and throw peanuts to them when they answered correctly.  After that great excitement, school would be dismissed and the parents would take their children home early that day.”    ~ Sr. Jean Louise Schafer, OSF (serving in Rugby, North Dakota)

“Back home we used to always put out our shoes on the eve of St. Nicholas Day; they would be filled with treats and a tree ornament that evening.  In recent years, here at St. Anne’s Convent, we’ve revived the tradition and each sister puts a shoe outside her bedroom door for St. Nicholas to fill.”  Sr. Christina M. Neumann, OSF (serving in Grand Forks, North Dakota)

(Note: A couple of years ago, we had a little article on ‘The St. Anne’s Scoop’ about this special observance of St. Nicholas Day.)

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