“At the Court of Our King…”

IMG_0896.JPGTell us how your community celebrates Advent.

Gathered at table, the first candle of the Advent wreath lit, we wait in mild suspense.  Each Sister takes a turn drawing her items.  One of these is a slip of paper; this has the name of one of her fellow Sisters for whom she will pray especially during the coming liturgical year.

Another item, an envelope with a little money to use for little gifts for the person whose name has, may also be part of the collection each of us acquires.

The second, slightly bigger, paper with the verse: “At the court of our King Jesus, you shall have the office of being…” is also drawn.  Here we read which member of the nativity scene we will imitate this Advent.

For example, I may be “THE ANGEL WHO SINGS THE BABY TO SLEEP by [my] praise and gratitude toward God.” (Each Sister receives a slip mentioning a different figure (angel, shepherd, etc.)

As the angel singing, my practice would be to”Repeat often the Gloria Patri as thanksgiving for the Incarnation.”

Here at St. Anne’s, I’ve developed a different little practice here for our residents.  Each time they do something nice, or carry out the ‘advent action’ hanging near the dining room door, they are encouraged to color a piece of straw on the manger hanging in our activity room on the bulletin board.

Hopefully, by Christmas, we’ll have a cozy little manger for Jesus, representing hearts ready to welcome Him.

Another part of “how we celebrate Advent” is the beautiful little prayer: “Jesus, Jesus, come to me; make my heart a crib for Thee.”

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