Back to School?

LFS-motto-300x225This morning, I received three digital Talking Books in the mail, postmarked “Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped.”

I have been receiving talking books, from time to time, since I was in grade school, being eligible for these services due to a vision impairment.  These books are a great help in multitasking, as I learned in college.

Who knew you could clean your dorm room or take the bus to work while getting your political science assignment read?  “Vision Services” is great for enhancing time management skills.

More recently, I no longer have required academic reading, but still find an occasional use for Talking Books.  Believe it or not, they help me fulfill an admonition contained within our Constitutions:

“We are open to the needs and concerns of the people…therefore, we should be concerned about furthering our religious, professional, and general education in an ongoing manner.”   (Constitutions 5.7)

Okay…maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but not really!…

I had several years of Spanish, beginning in eighth grade.  I didn’t ace my way through, but, that’s beside the point.

I believe that keeping up on this is important. We do get Hispanic residents from time to time and it is good to be able to connect with them through language.  There are other times, as well, when it comes in handy.

I have ordered simple, easy titles in Spanish, such as the Baby’s First Words in Spanish and Cuentos y Rimas (Stories & Rhymes) which came today.  Actually, it’s been a while since I last ordered such materials.  When I’m done, I just send them back – free of charge.

So what inspired me to renew this means of ‘continuing education’?, you may ask.  A new resident of ours suffers from recent vision loss but enjoys a good story.  I just set her up to receive services herself.  What a joy it was for me to see her listening to a story contentedly, and even commenting favorably upon it!  This evening, doing my rounds as  an aide, I noticed that she was still listening to it and enjoying the story 🙂

* * *

As we approach the beginning of September, we are hearing a lot about kids heading back to school.  I, too, am revitalizing my commitment to learning, furthering my own education in an ongoing manner, as our Constitutions admonish us.

(Note: This is obviously not the only area in which I need to continue my education.  There are opportunities in other areas, as well, such as in-services, personal reading, etc.)

2 thoughts on “Back to School?

  1. Isn’t it interesting how God uses our own weakness or struggles to benefit others in the long run. Nice to hear how your new resident is enjoying listening to books on tape. Nice act of mercy helping her get set up.


  2. For us folks who like audio books but are too cheap for audible, there is which has a vast library of free audio books that are in the public domain in just about every subject. They also have a free app. I’ve enjoyed lots of G K Chesterton, Homer even some business/marketing books.


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