Blessed with Little Reminders

This evening, again as I worked as a personal care aide, ‘it did my heart good’ when I saw a crucifix hanging on the room of one of our ladies.  Later, I noticed this also in another room.

It was neat to see the simple faith of these people (who don’t necessarily strike me as terribly religious) manifested in the simple gesture of having a crucifix.

It also served as a reminder to me as well.  Seeing a crucifix hanging in a bedroom or even in the resident dining room or employee lounge can be powerful, in my experience.  I can be going about my day, and may not be in the greatest of all moods.  Seeing this representation of Our Lord dying for us speaks to my soul, reminding me of why I am doing what I am doing, be it filling a picture with ice for a resident, or whatever.

Picture1It really serves to get me back on the right track, to rededicate myself to Our Lord’s service, as I said hours earlier when making the Morning Offering before our Office.

Sr. Christina M. Neumann

2 thoughts on “Blessed with Little Reminders

  1. I really appreciate your down to earth, encouraging and motivating reflections, Sr. Christina. Thank you for sharing thoughts and moments, and humor, from your days – and nights!


  2. What a great exercise, to be AWARE, when we see a crucifix, Church, or holy object – to make a point to make a spiritual communion or even send a message of love to console the heart of Jesus.


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