Imitating Christ in Love: a task well-done by our Sister Carolyn

IMG_0896This afternoon, we received word that our Sister Carolyn, who had served here as receptionist for sixteen years (1992-2008), had died at the age of ninety-eight.

During her long life, she filled several different roles, from teacher to principal to office worker.  She even handled the library work at St. Anne’s Convent during her time here.

In recent years, with failing health, she had moved to our provincial house in Hankinson, where she continued to serve others: writing correspondence, sorting and delivering mail, and assisting in other ways as she was needed.

In my experience of her, she could be counted on to offer a kind smile and affectionate gestures and words in greeting.

Without access to her CV or obituary (which probably has not even been written yet), I am unable to outline the details of her many works in the apostolate over the decades.  However, I can share, from personal experience,  that to me, her smile and kind affection were truly a way in which she “imitate[d] Christ in love” as the prelude to our Constitutions suggests “is the way and goal of our vocation.”

She is a dear Sister, whose smile and affectionate hand squeeze we will miss.


2 thoughts on “Imitating Christ in Love: a task well-done by our Sister Carolyn

  1. I am glad my girls and I got to meet Sister Carolyn at the Hankinson convent during a mother/daughter retreat. She made us feel very welcome there. May she rest in peace!


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