Purity of (and power in) Intention

When discussing a deep frustration recently with a trusted friend, I got some direction which gave me courage to face the situation with resolve, hope and peace.  It had to do with intention.  What she said makes all the difference in the world, serving as a powerful reminder to me:

“Do it for Jesus; He’s the one we do it for.”

I pray that I can keep this in mind, when facing frustrations and struggles.  May I do what I “have to do” for Him; this way, a frustrating situation, which once was so hard, can become a way of saying “I love you.”

We have the beneficial custom in our community of praying the Morning Offering before beginning Lauds in the Liturgy of the Hours.  In this way, we can dedicate our day as an act of love to Jesus.  When we do this, we don’t know what this will all include.

I was also reminded by my friend that, “as busy people we can’t be thinking every minute about why we are doing things, but making the intention to live generously and sacrificially …(daily, or even multiple times a day) helps us to build virtue and good habits that allow Jesus to love and serve in us and through us.”

When things are hard, I hope to find courage, peace and strength in “doing it for Jesus.”  Without this in mind, it can be hard to make our way through the challenging situations that life gives us.  If we have the focus, the intention, of doing it for Him, somehow, we find courage (and maybe even joy) to face challenging situations.

Sr. Christina M. Neumann

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