Boy, That Sure is a Noisy Washer!…

20150919_102328This morning, I finally decided to do laundry (or at least my ‘blacks’).  I debated whether I should hand-wash them or throw them in the machine.  Hand-washing tends to be a bit easier on the clothing and does not require running the big machine.  I filled a basin with warm/hot water, preparing to wash them by hand this time.

However, it was a good size load, and I discovered the basin really wouldn’t be big enough to soak them all properly. (I wanted to pre-soak them to make sure they got good and clean and any spots and smudges were removed.) After adding the clothes to the basin, I changed my mind and just threw them in the washer.  I figured if I used the ‘hand-washables’ or ‘delicate’ cycle, it wouldn’t hurt these homemade skirts and vests.

As I was attending to other duties at the convent, I noticed that the machine was exceptionally noisy.  I tried to brush it off, figuring it was probably the canvas piece from my veil.  Not noticing anything wrong with the machine, I just let it be and went on with my day.

However, this afternoon, when I returned to the house to take out my freshly laundered items, I made a discovery that made me chuckle: the plastic basin that I had considered using to hand-wash the items was still in the machine!  I examined it carefully and found, thankfully, that it was not damaged from being tossed around mercilessly by the washer.  Good thing I had used the ‘delicate’ cycle.  As I took my black clothes out, I paid attention but they did not seem to be damaged, either.

How can you forget to take out the tub/basin?  I could hardly believe it!  I must have gotten distracted!  I was feeling pretty ditsy after this.  However, one of my co-workers shared a story of a comparable humiliating experience with laundry, so I’m not alone.

Actually, this experience with the ‘noisy washer’ could be an opportunity for me to follow our Franciscan Rule more closely, which encourages humility in more than one passage.  One quotation which seems especially apropos for today’s humiliating experience is: “…all the brothers and sisters, whether they are engaged in prayer, or in announcing the Word of God, or in serving or doing manual labor should strive to be humble in everything.”

Good thing life (or my own shortcomings) provides me with opportunities for this!


One thought on “Boy, That Sure is a Noisy Washer!…

  1. Oh Sr. Please don’t feel embarrassed or humiliated by this! For one its a totally human thing to do, and for two it really made me laugh! 😃


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