Congratulations, Sister Mary Ruth!

What a blessed couple of days we’ve had!

On Sunday morning, we traveled to Hankinson, ND, for Sr. M. Ruth’s perpetual profession!  It was wonderful to witness our Sister (my former classmate as she is three+ years behind me)’s special moment!

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(Pictures may also be viewed here.)

We spent the night there and had a semi-annual community meeting yesterday morning.

The funeral Mass for Sr. Genevieve (my former novice mistress) was today.  Having work duties back at St. Anne’s, we came back here in the meantime and returned to Hankinson this morning.

Please join me in congratulating Sr. Mary Ruth on this wonderful occasion!


5 thoughts on “Congratulations, Sister Mary Ruth!

  1. What a Blessing to see the pictures of this wonderful grace-filled event. Hearty Congratulations to Sr. Mary Ruth, and to the Communities who have helped develop and foster her vocation. Thank you, Lord, for those who heed and answer your Voice calling them to yourself in Love and Service.


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