A Powerful Lesson…A Call to Greater Love

P6220021These past few weeks have been a time of real grace for me.

I’ve been working one-on-one with one of our residents for sacramental preparation.

I didn’t want him to get ‘scared off’ by over-complicating things or requiring too much of him; nonetheless, I wanted to teach him what he needed to know in order to be open to receive all the graces waiting for him.

I also was conscious of trying to be kind to him and show him the authenticity of what I was teaching by the way I acted.

This second aspect has overflowed, in a powerful way, on my interactions with others.

For some time, I have been trying to be attentive to each person who come to the reception desk (where I work).  I want to show interest in them and give them my full attention.  I sometimes get engrossed what I am working on, however, and this is sometimes ‘easier said than done.’

The experience of trying to show kindness and give my utmost with the particular resident I have been helping has brought my efforts to a new level.

I realize, if I am making great efforts to show the love of Jesus to this individual, I need to be doing the same with everyone.  It has really helped me to stop what I am doing and give my utmost (even if it’s just a smile and a greeting) to each person.


3 thoughts on “A Powerful Lesson…A Call to Greater Love

  1. I was a little grumpy this morning, for no reason. Sitting at the kitchen counter I was trying to think of things that I should be grateful for. I opened my email and decided to read your article.Thank goodness! Reading this article made me happy and made me realize how fortunate I am. Thank you Sister


  2. I like your duck 🙂
    No but it really surprised me this fall when I started teaching CCD how it really makes it harder to ignore the day-to-day part of it. – Thanks for the off-season reminder!


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