Like Mary, the first Missionary

I don’t know where I first heard it, but I know Our Blessed Mother Mary has been referred to as ‘the first missionary,’ having brought Jesus to Elizabeth and John the Baptist while He was still inside her.

r6-2I was reluctantly preparing to lead the weekly ecumenical service for our protestant residents (here at St. Anne’s Guest Home) Saturday morning.  The regular leader is out of town for two weeks and there weren’t a lot of other people jumping at the chance to take over in his absence.  Thankfully, he had prepared the ‘curriculum,’ for lack of a better word, ahead of time.  I don’t feel very comfortable doing this but didn’t want to have it fall on Sr. Elaine, who has more than enough on her plate already.

As I glanced over the chosen gospel reading for Saturday services, that of Mary’s Visitation to Elizabeth, I remembered Mary’s being acclaimed “the first missionary.”  As I begin thinking about what I might say to our residents, I think I “might be onto something” in reflecting on this title and role of Mary.

So, what should I tell our residents (and myself) tomorrow morning?  Mary serves as an example to us, ordinary people.  She lived in seemingly ordinary circumstances, yet she brought Our Savior into the world.

We, by our deeds of kindness and love, can also bring Jesus to others.  A simple smile from ordinary me, or you, can show the love of Jesus to someone who really needs it.

Mary was open to the Holy Spirit and quickly went on a mission of charity to her elderly relative.  We, too, I think, should pray daily to the Holy Spirit, to guide us in our lives.  We never know who He might want to send us to, in order to bring Jesus to them!

2 thoughts on “Like Mary, the first Missionary

  1. Am very impressed about the fact that Our Blessed Virgin Mary was the first Missionary. We should all endeavour to emulate her in this and every sense.


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