“One Way or Another, it will probably go to Waste/Waist.”

IMG_1114[1]A few evenings ago, I was discussing things of a culinary nature with one of our apartment residents, who also volunteers here.  Jokingly, he chided me: “One way or another, it will probably go to waste/waist.” (I cannot decide which spelling to use here.)

This little quip seemed quite apropos for this little piece I decided to write about my latest baking endeavor.  We had quite a bit of ice cream left over from an event several weeks ago, and I noticed that it was “going no where fast,” as I like to say.  With no immediate or definite plans or ideas for the use of this diary delight, I talked with our activity director and we decided that I might as well make ice cream cakes for “Birthday Bingo.”

Once each month, our activity department recognizes those with birthdays, we sing to them, and they get an extra bingo card.  After the games, birthday cake is served.

I don’t like to waste, and was up to the challenge of finding tasty ways of transforming the remaining ice cream.  Part of the challenge is always the dietary restrictions some of our residents face; some cannot have chocolate and others cannot have nuts.  Consequently, I made one large caramel fudge brownie ice cream cake and a couple Reese’s peanut butter ones.

What is really fun and rewarding, along with making use of supplies that might other wise end up getting tossed, is to see the enjoyment others get from it.  It made my day to hear people say how much they enjoyed the cakes and how much they liked them.  Unfortunately, it will probably go to their waist, though.


One thought on ““One Way or Another, it will probably go to Waste/Waist.”

  1. Thank you for your reflections and commentaries, Sr. Christina. I enjoy hearing of your many varied activities, and am blessed by being not only entertained but also challenged and directed to matters that lift my mind to service of our Lord and our neighbors.


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