The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary…A beautiful day with some beautiful customs

our Fatima grotto

our Fatima grotto

Recently, we were discussing the (then upcoming) feast of the Assumption at table.  Sr. Elaine, who had been a teacher for a time, shared that this was the day on which they would travel to their school assignments for the new year.  She did not remember all the details, but recalled that they used to recite an antiphon a number of times: “Mary has been assumed into heaven: the angels rejoice. They sing for joy and praise the Lord.

I, personally, never took part in this, but have my own valuable memory connected to this feastday.  Fourteen years ago, I made the St. Louis de Montfort Marian consecration on this day.  The last couple of years, I have forgotten to do the prayers and readings in preparation for renewing it, but I still remember the feast in conjunction with this.

I also remember my mother, who grew up on a farm near Karlsruhe, ND, sharing her memories of this special day for our Lady.  They would pick chokecherries, rather than take part in the normal farm labor.  Even though one normally might take a break on a holy day (the phrase from which holiday is derived), she remembers that they didn’t get a break from the chokecherries even after finishing for the day.  She would close her eyes in the evening and still “see” chokecherries before her.

Carmel of Mary Pilgrimage site

One beautiful custom held around the feast of the Assumption is the annual diocesan pilgrimage at the Carmelite monastery outside Wahpeton, ND.  I was privileged to take part in this beautiful gathering in honor of our Blessed Mother once when I was in formation in Hankinson.


One thought on “The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary…A beautiful day with some beautiful customs

  1. Tonight, when I close my eyes, I might just “see” corn kernels. We husked 11,000 ears of corn today and got most of them off the cob to freeze for the year to come. I’m a bit tired, but, courage, my soul! – I still need to plan Bible Study for our residents tomorrow. We’ll finish the cutting in the afternoon; we have under 200 ears left to do.


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