Topsy Turvey Days

facebook_532865860Have you ever wondered whether you were coming or going and which way was up?  This past week, the course of events at St. Anne’s has been such that produces this kind of feeling.

Between catching a little bug (complete with a bit of a queasy stomach) and schedule modifications, its amazing that I still know which way is up!

After not feeling well already Tuesday morning, Wednesday was an interesting day.  I had know a couple weeks before that the day’s schedule would be different.  I was supposed to work until ten that night, training in a new employee (I normally don’t work the front desk Wednesday evenings.).  Then, there was a funeral one of our other receptionists needed to attend, so I ended up working a fifteen hour shift.  It went fine, however, with a couple of breaks in between.

In order to accommodate schedules yesterday, the week’s “topsy turvey” theme continued.  The receptionist who normally works the mornings worked the “flip side” instead, beginning at noon and staying until ten.  This was so that I would be free to fill in as p.m. aide in the evening.  Actually, three of us split the p.m. aide shift, due to scheduling issues.  (If nothing else, this is a great way to liven things up and confuse the residents.)

When doing the aide work, my stomach was still a bit queasy. I enjoyed teasing our residents that they better not have any messes for me to clean up.  I did not think my stomach could handle it.  I joked that if they had a mess for me to clean up, I would probably end up having a mess myself, due to the limitations of my temporarily weak and queasy stomach.  Here at St. Anne’s, we enjoy incorporating humor into the little details of the day.

I am so grateful that, as today’s Mass readings clarify, we can depend on God’s nourishment and provision for our daily needs.  In the daily reception of our Eucharistic Lord, we can receive the strength and assistance to keep us straight amid the sometimes topsy-turveyness of life.

Sr. Christina M.. Neumann


3 thoughts on “Topsy Turvey Days

  1. I hope you are feeling better, Sister! I like your perspective and attitude. So often I just get grumpy when there are difficulties in my day, and unexpected changes in my routine. I’ll try to think of the circumstances as ‘topsy-turvy’ — it’s not permanent, and I can have a sense of humor about it. Thanks for your posts– they are enjoyable. 🙂


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