Whatever the case, don’t lick the microphone!!!

straw hat and tongueThis afternoon, I ended up calling bingo for our residents in the activity room here at St. Anne’s Guest Home.  I like to throw in a little humor and liven things up a little on the few occasions that I help out as a bingo caller.

I wear a straw hat and go by the name of “Edith” rather than “Sister Christina.”  This comes from the fact that the “church ladies” (from St. Michael’s and St. Mary’s) often call bingo on Tuesdays during the school year.  During the summer months, our activities staff and another volunteer hold bingo instead.  When I call, I’m a pretend “church lady.”  I wear a flowered straw hat and tell jokes in personification of the role.

I also like to have fun making puns with the numbers.  For example, I’ll call “B-4…Before, you shout ‘bingo’ be sure you have all the numbers.”

Besides this, and along with an occasional stray bingo ball, things were also ‘livened up’ today in a rather unsavory manner.  You see, we make it easier for our residents (some of whom are hearing-impaired) by amplifying our voice with a microphone during bingo.  This afternoon, I was speaking into the mic. and accidentally licked it – YUCK!!!

Thinking about this, as I prepared to write, reminded me of St. James’ warning about the tongue (ch. 3).  He had strong words to his readers about its use.  The tongue is, indeed, a powerful organ, for good or ill.

As I was slightly disgusted by the feel of my tongue touching the microphone at bingo today, all the more so should I be careful not to let any disgusting or harmful words pass by it.  I don’t want to say anything demeaning to the dignity of any person.

There’s a neat little quip I learned during my school years, growing up, which may be a helpful ‘tongue-guard.’  Before speaking about someone, we can ask ourselves: “Is it true?  Is it nice?  Is it necessary?  At least two out of these three questions should receive an affirmative answer before we proceed to say something.


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