Hit the ground running!

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What an interesting day!

When it rains, it pours might be a little bit more appropriate title today.

Sr. Rebecca and I went down with Msgr. Vetter to the priests’ ordination in Fargo this morning.  It was a privilege to be able to attend.  I was grateful to those here who filled in a little to make it possible for me to go (e.g., Kathy doing sacristy work, Betty doing ‘reading hour’ for our residents, and Sr. Elaine giving our receptionist her morning breaks)

But, when I returned, I was informed that we had received two big bags of rhubarb.  I am the main person in charge of recruiting and coordinating residents for cutting up the donations of rhubarb (and other produce that come in).

I was scheduled to be at work at the reception desk in less than an hour and tomorrow is Sunday (not a good day for ‘rhubarb parties’).  So, I figured, “I might as well do it now because who knows when I’ll get another good chance.”

It got close to 3:30 (when my shift was to begin), and Sr. Rebecca offered to fill in at the desk so I could finish.  Just as we were finishing up, I sliced my finger and it began to bleed.  The rhubarb was nice and red already so I didn’t need any extra color. Oh well, I cleaned it out good, got a band aide and returned to the activity room where we hold our produce-processing endeavors.

I was very grateful that another resident (besides those who had already graciously helped cut) came down around then and lamented the fact that she hadn’t been here earlier to help.  I let her know that she was not too late and assigned her to wiping the tables and cleaning the floor, which she gladly did.  I was not looking forward to having to do this with my finger as it was.  (I don’t enjoy soggy band aides or water in open wounds.)

As if this was not enough adventure for one day, we were under a tornado watch and part of our county was actually in a tornado warning.  We had to stay tuned to weather reports on TV for a while.  Thankfully, the worst of it passed us by.

We did get some rain, though; on behalf our residents’ little garden and of the farmers, I am grateful for that.

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