Day by Day…a prayer in weakness

By Sr. Christina M. Neumann

Once in a while I get “poetic” and feel drawn to express my thoughts in written verse. Tonight was such an occasion.  Most often it is in the form of prayer-poems, as in the case of the musings below:

Day by Day

Dear Jesus, you know I’m weak,
That I don’t reach the good I seek.
I often fail in what I do,
And am not always true to You.

I have ideals of what I should be,
But sometimes fail quite miserably
Please give me strength, and wisdom, too,
So I can do what I should do.

I cannot make it on my own
So please, never leave me alone.
Left to myself I’m sure to fail;
But, your grace in me can prevail.

What I ask, dear Lord, today
Is that you’re with me on the way
That in my weakness, you’ll give the power
For my need, at every hour.

I am reminded of St. Paul’s words*
When his own struggle had occurred,
How You had said “my grace suffices”
And were with him in his crisis.

With You near Jesus, I too can boast
Of my weaknesses, and make the most
Of my struggles day by day
Trusting you’ll carry me on the way.

konradine071204*See 2 Corinthians 12:9

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