Not Perfect…but

P1010014We received some donations of linens a month or so ago, as you may have read in another post here.  Sr. Rebecca had asked if we could use any of them for chapel.

Some pieces were the right size for chalice veils, so I decided to trace a design and embroider them.

Yesterday afternoon was my second experience of this.  (I completed one for Marian feasts some weeks back.)

I decided to try to make this one match the priests’ vestment.

I didn’t do a perfect job (Sr. Rebecca’s satin stitches put mine to shame), but I am moderately pleased with the results.  It will be so nice to have a “pretty” chalice veil that matches the chasuble.  I like coordination.




Some days just seem to go better than others; some Bible studies with our residents do also.  This morning, things did not start off the greatest…I was still not feeling too well; I must have caught some sort of bug.


Sleeping in to try to recover, I hurried through the morning, not even getting in my full time in chapel yet.

Things seemed to turn a little at Bible Study, however.  We had a nice session, singing songs and going over the readings from last Sunday (Ascension).

Before closing with a few more songs, we made our own acrostic poem.  I reminded the residents of Jesus’ promise to the disciples prior to ascending to Heaven: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

We thought of certain actions, emotions, and states that we may experience during which Jesus is with us; He is with us always, after all.  I spelled out the phrase: “W-I-T-H–M-E–A-L-W-A-Y-S” on a transparency and we worked together create the acrostic.

It is good to remember that Jesus is truly with us, amidst whatever kind of day we might be having.

Come, Holy Spirit!

pentecostWe have a handy-dandy “cheat sheet” inside one of the shelving cabinets in the back of our chapel, advising us as to when we start those preparatory novenas which we are to pray prior to certain feastdays.

One of these is for Pentecost.  (Others include: St. Francis, Immaculate Conception, and St. Joseph).

Sr. Rebecca may have glanced at this little list; I am not sure, but recently, she reminded me that we start the one in preparation for Pentecost tonight.  This is a very good practice; I am glad we do it.  This intensifies the practice I like to have, throughout the year, of calling upon the Holy Spirit.

At some moments, I make a special effort to do so.  One example is when I sit down to write one of these posts.

There is no wrong time to invoke the Holy Spirit’s help.

I found myself doing so this afternoon when I was asked, unexpectedly, to give a tour to family members looking for a place for their mother.

I was totally unprepared and caught a bit off-guard.  I invoked the Holy Spirit!  Things seemed to go alright, despite the fact that I did not have the right key to show one of the rooms (a few rooms are on a special lock system since they were added later.)

I am so grateful for Jesus’ promise, which we hear in these days leading up to Pentecost.  It is so wonderful to have the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us in our daily lives, whether it be in giving a tour, writing something, planning my day, or even interacting with residents.

I invite you to join us in a more intensive prayer to the Holy Spirit during these holy days as we near the end of the Easter season.

We’ve Been Hacked!

SisterRebeccaMetzgerI am sorry to say that our province’s website (for Dillingen Franciscans – USA) has been hacked!  – PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS THE WEBSITE – NOT THIS BLOG!!!!!!

Please remove it from your bookmarks, favorites, etc.

If you need information, or to contact us, please use this blog or our Facebook page.

I am sorry for the inconvenience – please share this with others who may have reason to visit our site.

The Red Juice Incident

SisterRebeccaMetzger.JPGWhen Sister Christina was a postulant and novice, I had the pleasure of being her “on-the job-trainer”! The two of us worked in Housekeeping.  As you may guess through Sr. Christina’s blog, surely there would be many adventures.

* * *

On one particular day, we went down to the break room for coffee. Sister Christina pulled in her chair.  As we were visiting, she got to talking with her hands!!!!

Normally, that would not be an issue.  However, it becomes an issue when you have a glass of red juice (Kool-Aid) in your hand.

In talking, all of a sudden, the red juice flew from the glass onto the table, on the floor, and in the air. We all scrambled to grab dishcloths, paper towels, napkins, or whatever we could get to, as quickly as possible as the red sea traveled everywhere. Sister Christina ran from the room like a rabbit shot out of a cannon as did I (to get things to clean up). Our co-worker sat in shock.  When the red sea was finally contained, we noticed that her white blouse was no longer just another plain white blouse. It was covered with pink polka dots.

This has been a tale that has been told over the years, as we laughingly refer to as “the red juice incident.”

When Sister Christina left to go out to Rugby with Sr. Genevieve to complete her training in the Novitiate program, I brought her a gift for coffee breaks up there. Now, I’m sure you can imagine this gift was quite funny to the two of us – it was juice boxes with straws and a juice box holder, along with a demonstration on how not to squeeze the middle when putting the juice box into the holder.

Sr. Genevieve looked at the two of us who, of course, were chuckling away.  Then, Sister Christina and I re-created the red juice incident for her.

Working with Sister Christina was a joy; we shared many chuckles and laughs and her Captain still misses her. And that’s another story for her to share.

Karen Bladow

Hankinson, ND

A Small Start…A New Start


Today, we started a new month – it’s May!  We hope that means warmer days, green grass, and blossoming trees.

I returned Sunday evening from vacation and really “hit the ground running” Monday morning.  (I learned the hard way that the end of the month is not a good time to return from time away…there was a calendar and newsletter to finish, monthly charges to do, etc., etc…)

Around 10 o’clock last night, when my shift at the front desk was ending, I was just finally running off copies of the newsletter for the residents.

Before I went to bed, however, I made time to open the packet of cabbage seeds I had received from my parents on my home visit.  I took out some seeds and put them to soak in a cup overnight; I would plant them in the morning.

Sr. Rebecca had suggested starting them in empty milk cartons; I had been looking for a container to start them in before planting them outdoors toward the end of the month.

The seeds are so small, and the containers they are now in aren’t too big either.  It’s a start, though.  By late summer, hopefully, this will pay off, producing heads of cabbage.  I hope we’ll also have peas, cucumbers, and beets, which I’ll plant in a few weeks.

It’s not just about the end product, however.  A big part of the reason I started doing the garden here at St. Anne’s (actually, the main reason) is for the enjoyment of our residents.

During this time of various new starts in my life, this is a reminder to me of the value of the growing process, of life’s journey.

I don’t need to just hurry up and get it done; I should remember to appreciate the gift of each day, of each new start.  I can be grateful for God’s care for the little garden of my life.

Mark Your Calendars for Mother Daughter Days!

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoorFrom the rousing game of spoons, to special mother-daughter time, to prayers and meals with the Sisters, Mother Daughter Days has a lot to offer!

We invite you to our annual Mother-Daughter Days in Hankinson. Join the Sisters for prayerful and peaceful days filled with praise, pondering, play, and plenty of fun on June 28-30 or July 26-28.

June 28, 29 & 30
(Please register by June 20)
July 26, 27 & 28
(Please register by July 18)

Join us for prayerful and peaceful days filled with praise, pondering, play, and plenty of  fun!

Program begins Thurs. 7 p.m.; concludes after noon meal Saturday.

To register, or to get more information, contact Sr. Jean Louise:


A Relaxing Vacation Day?

page-0.jpgI am “back home” in West St. Paul, spending some much-appreciated vacation days with my family.

This morning, I slept in until close to 7 a.m., getting up on time to go with my parents to daily Mass.

After Mass and breakfast, my mom and I were ready to head over to the pool for a long-awaited swim when she got an invitation from my brother that we just couldn’t pass up; he had been doing some renovating in his house.   Now, there was a mess to clean up.  Since my mom was so knowledgeable at cleaning and such things, could she possibly stop over and help?

Since my dad would soon be leaving for his plans and since I was able-bodied, I accompanied my mother to my brother’s place to take part in this lucrative offer.

After spending a good two hours scrubbing floors, I was finally ready to go to the pool.

It was a wonderful treat to go swimming with my mom; a highlight of the trip, for sure!

A Bit of Humble Pie

The beautiful, yet humbling words of Psalm 127 came to mind for me this evening.

If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor;
if the Lord does not watch over the city, in vain does the watchman keep vigil.

In vain is your earlier rising, your going later to rest, you who toil for the bread you eat, when he pours gifts on his beloved while they slumber.

Recently, I have been realizing that my own efforts are not as essential as I may like to thing.  I have worked hard at a couple of projects, only to find the results for which I had labored almost “fell into our lap,” independent of me and my hard work…

For example, I have been working with our director of nursing, advertising for a opening LPN position.  Exciting to hear that she had found someone, I soon learned that the new nurse had not even seen any of my job postings; she had just happened to call and inquire if we had anything.

I also have been working hard on public relations for our facility, reaching out to various local senior service providers.

Thankfully, we have had several new admissions in the past weeks.  It didn’t do my ego any good to hear that these individuals had been referred to us totally independently of my outreach efforts.

employ app.pngThe above-quoted psalm fits this situation (as well as countless others) perfectly.   Our Lord has poured out gifts upon us, upon me, not needing my efforts.  Nonetheless, I realize, too, the He likes to use my feeble attempts.