Helpful Scripture Passages for Discernment of Vocations to Religious Life, Continued

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Last week, I began sharing with you some scripture verses that may be of use.  Here are five more:

  1. Matt. 8:19-22

Reference: Absence of temporal rewards for service

Comment: What happens to those who abandon human wisdom and goals to serve Christ exclusively according to His call and will?  He is master of our whole life.


  1. Matt. 9:36-38

Reference: Task of those in special discipleship for Christ

Comment: This passage describes the love of Christ for all and His dependence on the disciples God chooses to become the special instruments of Jesus’ mission to others


  1. Matt. 10:37-42

Reference: God’s care for those who come to Jesus in simplicity and trust

Comment: The assurance of right choice for those who submit to our Lord in complete surrender of self


  1. 1 Samuel 3:1-10

Reference: God speaks to the young Samuel

Comment: We may not always recognize God’s voice, but want to be attentive.


  1. Matt. 12:46-50, Luke 18:19-20, Luke 14:25-33

Reference: The ‘mother’ and ‘brothers’ of Christ

Comment: The spiritual relationship to Jesus embraces and extends our temporal bonds into larger and more important family of God, our Father.

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