Grateful for “Miracles”

Tuesday morning is “Bible study time” for me.  I lead a weekly scripture-based session with some of our residents.  In preparation, I usually get my lesson plan in order while working the reception desk Monday evening.

33662614_1897862260253653_6845138247220199424_oLast night, though, I didn’t have to devote much effort to this.  I remembered that I still had a book on Miracles in the Bible that we had just started studying last time.  It highlights various miraculous accounts from the Old and New Testament (in chronological order), quoting the event from scripture and showing a photo from the Holy Land pertaining to the event.

I am thoroughly enjoying the book, and the residents seem to like it as well.

Having this book at hand spared me the trouble of developing a lesson, looking up page numbers and songs, and preparing a lot of materials.  I was grateful.

This book on miracles, you might say, was a small miracle in my personal life.

On thinking a bit about this, I wonder how many other “small miracles” are offered to me, unnoticed, each day.

Thank you, Lord, for all of the unnoticed miracles you give me each day!  

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