“Let All the Earth Cry Out to God with Joy!”

This morning’s responsorial psalm (at Sunday Mass, as quoted above) was a beautiful one.  I especially like the melody we used, to which it was set for liturgical use.

It is a good encouragement to us to praise God with joy.

In meditating upon the psalm (and other readings) at my prayer this morning, the phrase that especially struck me was: “He has changed the sea into dry land; through the river they passed on foot.”

IMG_2206.JPGIt spoke to me, personally, of God’s ability and willingness to intervene in human lives.  When the people of Israel called out to Him in their slavery in Egypt, God appointed Moses, sending him to Pharaoh.  He brought His people out of bondage with “a strong arm.”  He worked wonders to free them and bring them to the land of promise.

This same pattern of mercy and power, I imagine, can be seen today.

I may not have a terrible sea that I need to cross, pursued by a mortal enemy, but I have my own crosses of daily life, some big, some small.

I, too, can cry out to God, not only in joy, but also in sorrow.  I can beg His mercy in my need, asking him to rescue me and see me through whatever storm or sea I am facing.

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