Necessary to Undergo Many Hardships

Holy Cross, Bible, Prayer, Old Book, Faith, OrderIn today’s first reading from Acts, Paul and Barnabas mention the fact that it is “necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14).

In his homily at Mass, Father briefly reflected on the role “hardships” play in our lives.

In my own prayer this morning, this phrase struck me, too.  I know that hardships, as much as I’d rather avoid them or be quickly done with them, have been necessary in my life as well.

I think about times and situations that have been particularly hard, and realize they have been vital in my own growth as a person.

Where would I be today if it weren’t for these hardships of my life?

This passage to me serves as a lesson, as a reminder, to me to thank God for these hardships that help shape me as a person, that lead me closer to Him as I journey, seeking His kingdom.

One thought on “Necessary to Undergo Many Hardships

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