Save Some for Next Year

IMG_20171220_124851.jpgI came over to the convent this afternoon to tie up a few loose ends (including checking email and brushing my teeth) before starting my shift at the reception desk.  I would not be off again until ten.

While I was here, I decided to look for an item Sr. Elaine had offered to me, stating it was in her top drawer.  Happily, I found it without too much effort.  At this point, the thought crossed my mind of switching her drawers around as an April Fools trick.  Instead, I admonished myself to “save some for next year.”

Throughout this day, I have been up to a bit of mischief, here and there.  I suppose you might say I am acting more like a child than a grown woman, but oh well, April 1st comes but once a year.

Having done my research for fresh (and harmless) April Fools tricks, I have been victimizing others at St. Anne’s by:

  • Putting a piece of tape on the computer mouse sensor so it doesn’t work
  • Drawing (realistic-looking) spiders down the toilet paper roll (using a sharpie for the head and  fine felt [or regular] pen for the legs works best)
  • Distributing old copies (from various extra copies from months and years gone by) of our monthly newsletter to residents – instead of the current issue (which will go out tomorrow)

I have a couple of other ideas in mind for next year!  I’d love to share, but I don’t dare – someone might read this and remember it on April 1st of 2020.

In the meantime, I have to hope that no one notices the specks of black marker on my hand, left behind from the toilet paper trick.  I want them to be surprised to see the spiders! 🙂

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