Imitating Christ in Poverty

pasted_imageEach month, as we have our day of recollection, I try to devote a few moments to “considering how I live poverty,” as our directives suggest we do frequently.

Spending most of my day at St. Anne’s, a home for the elderly and disabled, the scope of this poverty is a bit more limited; we eat what our residents eat, we share their living space.  We reap many of the benefits of the nice home we provide for them.

Nonetheless, I have vowed poverty, in loving imitation of Christ, who for our sake became poor.  I have to ask myself, how can I live poverty?  How do I live it?

Our Rule, in fact, exhorts us that we should “never want anything else under heaven.”

So, how do I, as a twenty-first century Franciscan woman religious, live poverty?

This is a question for me every day, but the answers are not always easy.  Clarity is sometimes hard to come by.

Nonetheless, I might ask myself in this “frequent evaluation” of my life of poverty: Do I use resources unnecessarily?  Do I get by with what I really need or do I make it a point to have every thing I really want?  Do I have all the modern conveniences, to make life easy for myself?

Do I tell myself: “This is normal; everyone else in our society does/has this,” or do I hold myself to the poverty to which I am called by my vocation?

Do I keep my eyes on Jesus, and live poverty in loving imitation of Him, or do I lose my focus?

These are all important questions as I strive to follow Jesus faithfully.

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2 thoughts on “Imitating Christ in Poverty

  1. These are some seriously good questions. I’ve tried to come to this point, but haven’t fully succeeded. I’m trying to get rid os things but always manage to keep a few things just in case…

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  2. Five years ago I wanted more room than my small apartment. It’s hard to give things up but we all seem to want more than we need. I’ve lost my household belongings several times and although I can’t go back to Jesus’ time, I can live more simply. I can give up cell phones, computers, television, cars or speaking.


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