“Jell-O Pusher”

20180719_205234.jpgI’ve debated if I should try writing here again, or give it a rest for a while, due to the present situation (facing my dad’s terminal cancer).

I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try…It might even be good for me.  So here goes!

When I was home for a week and a half, spending time with my family (especially my dad who seemed to be getting weaker all the time), I tried to encourage him to eat.

He has stage four pancreatic cancer and very little appetite.  Fruited gelatin, however, was one of the few things he expressed interest in.  (Along with not being hungry, he is also afraid of having discomfort after eating things that are “hard to digest.”)  Having caught on that he might eat Jell-O, I offered it to him on more than one occasion.

Although his voice is now raspy and weak, my dad hasn’t lost his linguistic ability or willingness to tease.  He gave me a new nick-name, chiding me as a “Jell-O pusher.”  Later, however, he acknowledged that there are worse things to be called.

Now that I am back in Grand Forks and not presently able to push Jell-O, I am still definitely pushing the prayers, not only for my dad as he nears the end of his life, but also for myself.  In this difficult time, I keep asking for a lot of grace, which I so need, each day.

I would appreciate it if you, too, would push some prayers up toward heaven for all of us.  Although it is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that my dad, once so strong and capable, is now weak and dying, I hope that our prayers will help him on his way there (to heaven).


5 thoughts on ““Jell-O Pusher”

  1. Praying for peace and trust in the Lord. Your dad and mother are amazing people. God is holding all of you in his loving arms. I pray that your dad’s suffering will not be difficult and that his suffering will bring peace. I admire you and you parents.

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  2. Sr. Christina – Just today I was thinking of you and your family’s situation and that I missed your posts. So thank you for ‘pushing’ yourself to share with all of us. Yes – lifting you and your family up to the Lord in prayer. The Peace of the Lord be with you.

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