“Just Don’t Lose Your Sole!”

P5200015Last night, I went into my closet, brought there by the falling snow flakes outside (in early October, no less).

I had received a pair of heavy-duty shoes, donated some months back, and had stowed them away for just such an occasion as the coming morning would prove to be.

There was sure to be plenty of snow on the pavement between the convent and my workplace, and I would be heading out before anyone would have gotten around to shoveling.

When morning came, I got up, dressed, and remembered to put the ‘new’ shoes on before going outside.

I traipsed through the snow, grateful for hearty foot apparel, and arrived at St. Anne’s, where I headed immediately to chapel for prayer before starting a busy work day.

I remembered, though, that I needed to head back to the office to grab the money pouch to collect the vigil light money; I do this every week so as to deposit the money people contribute when lighting little candles in chapel.

I headed back to chapel and got the money out before we began our morning prayer in common.

Afterwords, I hurriedly went about my sacristy preparations; we were planning to have Mass at 9 a.m.  After this, as I was leaving chapel, I noticed blackish debris in the aisle.  I thought someone had tracked in some leaves or mud.

My shoes felt a little sticky, and so I suspected that I, myself, might actually be the culprit.  I soon realized that my wonderful ‘new’ shoes were actually shedding chunks of rubber wherever I went.

There were clumps up and down the aisle, clumps out in the hallway, clumps, clumps, and more clumps; if only I had noticed my shedding problem earlier!  I was grateful, though, that I had not made it any further in my morning activities.

Sr. Elaine and Sr. Rebecca helped me sweep up the blackish remnants, and Sr. Elaine, thoughtfully, went home to retrieve another pair of shoes for me.   I was stocking-footed!

I was happy to have my ‘old ones’ back; at least they did not shed rubber.

Sr. Elaine kindly told me, after all was said and done, “It’s okay, just don’t lose your sole.”

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