“May Your Help Always Renew Us”

melting_snowLast evening, having completed the office work I had undertaken, I headed to chapel to catch up on my spiritual reading and pray Compline (Night Prayer).

As I finished the Liturgy of the Hours, the words of the concluding prayer struck me by their appropriateness:


Lord God,
send peaceful sleep
to refresh our tired bodies.
May your help always renew us
and keep us strong in your service.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

I needed God’s help to renew me…I was tired, not only toward the end of the day, but also toward the end (hopefully) of a long winter.

The extended periods of darkness and cold, along with the ‘routineness’ of life and other challenges can wear on a person.

This prayer reminds us that we all need God to renew our tired bodies and souls.

Whether it be in a good night sleep or the sight of melting snow washing down the street drains, we can be grateful for the strength and encouragement He sends us.

Spring will come; the sun will shine 🙂

Plus, I realized yesterday, that we’ve reached the half-way mark of Lent!  Yipee!


2 thoughts on ““May Your Help Always Renew Us”

  1. Thank you for your faithful witness, Sr. Christina. Longer days, chirpier birds, the time change tomorrow – plus the little surprises (like the focus in God’s word) every day – help us step by step toward the ever-coming tomorrow.


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