Miles to Go!

20171220_165454.jpgThis afternoon, I did not start my aide work around 4:30 as I usually do; I was detained by an important meeting until past our normal suppertime.

After a quick meal and KP duty, we hustled off to chapel to pray Evening prayer (minus the normal supplemental invocations we normally include).  We needed to make up lost time.

We got out of chapel a few minutes early, but none too soon – I had miles to go!

Since I had missed my first rounds, bathrooms needed checking, beds had yet to be opened, and a tea cup for one resident had not been prepared for the evening…

…And that was just to be caught up to where I should be by 6:30!

Thankfully, my co-worker at the front desk was gracious enough to take care of the tea as I headed to the kitchen to get snacks.

Needless to say, by the time I got upstairs with my snack tray, it was too late to open beds; the residents had doubtless ‘crawled in’ already.

As I type this at the front desk, I realize I neglected to take one ladies special new shoes off for her – Oops!

As I made my way around the floors, attending to the needs of our residents, the phrase ‘miles to go,’ which so amply described my situation, provoked the memory for me of a song we had sung in grade school music class: Road Less Traveled.

A few of the lyrics that I still remember are: “On that long and winding road…there are miles to go.”  This song had referred to the road of life.

As I worked, the prayer surfaced in my heart that I may travel life’s journey in a way pleasing to God and in accord with His desires for me.

An important scripture to me (a psalm verse printed on my name plaque back home) comes to mind as well: “Lead my, O Lord in your righteousness…make my way straight before me.”

Sr. Christina M. Neumann, OSF

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