20171204_152200I just returned from a weekend away, attending the winter retreat for my home parish’s youth group before spending a day or two with my folks.

It was a wonderful time and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get away, take part in this nice event, and spend time with my family.

As I remarked to someone earlier today, February may be a short month, but it sure gets to be long!  Will spring ever come?  After so many weeks of winter drudgery, it was wonderful to have a break.  (I’ll admit to feeling a bit selfish in offering to come on the weekend since I had ulterior motives for my own mental health.)

On the weekend, the youth director kind of made fun of me for the unusual prayer request I made prior to the retreat;  I had asked her for prayers that the travel arrangements would go smoothly.

Not being able to drive (due to limited vision) tends to make travel interesting, I must say.

This evening, having returned to work and taking care of assigned tasks, I again prayed for “smoothness.”  I asked that things go smoothly and without any troubles as I once again took up my aide work.   I would be just fine with an easy night, without any plugged toilets, leaking catheters, or rowdy residents.

I was up for a smooth transition back into daily life after a wonderful, smooth trip.

My prayers were answered beautifully, again.

As I write this, a scriptural passage comes to mind, however, as a gentle reminder.  Especially during Lent, we hear that we must take up our cross daily and follow Jesus.

I guess this all serves as a reminder to be grateful for whatever comes, whether it be an opportunity to bear the cross with Him or a smooth stretch of road that I need to make it through a tough winter.


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