20171204_152200.jpgLast evening, after a day of receptionist duties and baking, it might have been nice to just “go home, sit down, and look pretty” (as Sr. Elaine sometimes says).

However, this was not to be. 😦  This ‘recreation night’ would be different from the normal connotations related to that name.  (Wednesdays and Sundays are designated as such in our convent.)

We were (are) expecting company Friday evening; our sisters from Rugby are coming through on their way to a conference in Fargo.

This is good; we are always glad to see them.  However, this time it necessitated a bit of work besides the customary dusting and vacuuming that precedes their visits.

This time, beds had to be rearranged.  The mattress that had been in one of the guest rooms was a bit short in length.   A longer one would be much more conducive to a good night’s sleep for a sister who is not vertically challenged.

So it was that Sr. Rebecca and I set about the work of moving bed frames and mattressess from one room to another.  We had to tilt one to make it through the narrow door frame.  Another was very heavy and difficult to maneuver.

By the time Sr. Elaine got home, we were almost done.  She was in time, though, to help with the last move.

Today, if someone were to ask “What did you do for recreation last night,” I would have to reply: “Well, we moved beds around, for starters!”

What an odd way to relax and build community after a day’s work! 🙂


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