IMG_2207.JPGBackground Note: I facilitate a weekly Bible Study group for residents at our Home for elderly and vulnerable adults

It wasn’t what you would call a typical Bible Study/Faith Sharing Group this morning!

At one point, a person could walk into the room and hear some rather unconventional lyrics being sung to the old melody of “Old McDonald Had a Farm.”  That poor elderly agriculturalist would turn over in his grave if he heard our version, invented to correlate with today’s scripture study on the Ten Plagues in Egypt.

Yesterday, our Activities Assistant and I somehow came to create new lyrics to this familiar tune regarding the Sixth Plague that came upon Egypt: boils.  We utilized them with the residents this morning.  (Please note: the following lyrics may be to graphic for younger audiences.)

Old Egyptian had a boil
And on his boil he had some puss
with a pop pop here and a scratch, scratch there,
here a pop, there a scratch, every where a scratch or pop.
Old Egyptian had a boil

Thankfully, the rest of the lesson wasn’t quite so explicitly grotesque, but it did involve frogs, pestilence, locusts, and the like, along with interjections of “Let My People Go

On a more serious note, we did discuss how the story of the Exodus has special meaning for us as Christians.

It is beautiful to see the parallel of how God saved His people from slavery in Egypt and led them out to the promised land; the Father sent His Son Jesus to save us from the slavery of sin and lead us to the Promised Land of heaven.

The story of Moses also serves as a calling to us each personally.  We noted that God sometimes asks us to do things, as He did Moses, things that we may not want to do.  We have to ask ourselves: Are we willing to accept what He asks or do we make excuses?


2 thoughts on “E-I-E-I-O

  1. I just can not imagine what songs the other 5 plagues have inspired up to this one. I have a brain full of plague tunes now, like “Lice, Lice, Go Away, Come Again Another Day”.
    In your defense, when I decided to home-school my daughters, a elementary teacher who attended our church told me, “It doesn’t matter through what means they learn, as long as they learn it!”


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