Wacky Hair – a Time Saver!

In case you haven’t heard, we’re celebrating “St. Anne’s Week,” since our patroness’ feast was July 26th.

One way we’re making it fun and special is by having several “dress up days,” like sports day, patriotic day, pajama day, etc.

00Y0Y_bYGi6hMUNz5_1200x900Today’s observance is “Wacky Hair/Hat Day.”  This one was very handy for me this morning.

Last night, I wondered, “What can I do to make my little bit of exposed hair (my bangs) “wacky?”  I got so busy with other projects that I forgot to search for ideas.

This morning, I had a busy schedule as well, having altar cloths to change and sacristy work to do before coming to the front desk.  I also wanted to get my prayer time in – it’s nice to do that before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

This morning, therefore, it was fortunate that the day had been designated as “wacky hair day.”  I could save time by not utilizing my comb.  Without their morning rondeveau with a wet comb, my bangs tend to be naturally “wacky.”

Thus it was, to my happy surprise, that I finished changing the altar cloths and making preparations for exposition with three minutes to spare!  If I would have had to tame my hair first, before leaving the convent, I wouldn’t have had this luxury.


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