Retreating for Retreat

I am getting ready to leave town (yes, again) for our annual retreat.

It is a six day silent retreat.

Consequently, I do not know when I will be posting here again

I would appreciate your prayers as I get ready to go and also during the time of the retreat itself (June 11-17).

Thank you and God bless you 🙂 !


2 thoughts on “Retreating for Retreat

  1. We will send you our prayers
    As you go on Retreat
    In hopes this occasion
    Will ne’er be obsolete.

    For the joy that we feel
    In prayer to our Lord
    Opens our hearts
    Where our feelings are stored.

    We relieve all our cares
    From our everyday stressing
    Which, put in God’s hands
    Is always a Blessing.

    Please know you’ll be thought of
    Each and every day
    For every moment
    In every way.

    When you come back refreshed
    And re-energized
    We will welcome you home
    With our smiles and our sighs.


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