Manna for the Wilderness Journey

Exodus 16 tells the story of the people of Israel being fed in the wilderness.  This event is alluded to in John’s gospel and serves as the backdrop for the Bread of Life discourse which we hear read during this third week of Easter.

This story of Manna, and Jesus’ subsequent teaching is truly fitting for us every day.

Although we don’t live in a middle eastern wilderness, our life can seem like a wandering some time.

As we face struggles, uncertainties, and whatever else may come, we are provided for.  We have our Manna, our daily bread, in the Eucharist.

In writing this post, the hymn, “Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless” comes to mind, in which we are reminded that Christ is our provident shepherd and we are a pilgrim flock in the wilderness of life.

Please join me in giving thanks for the wonderful gift of the Eucharist, in which our Lord provides for our needs with His very self!


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