Hot Cross Buns…One a Penny…Two a Penny

I went out shopping with Sr. Elaine last night to get yeast. I’m getting ready to make hot cross buns again this year. I hope and pray all goes well.

I thought I’d share a post this morning that I wrote a couple of years ago.  It includes some interesting details from the history of this Holy Week tradition.

Our Franciscan Fiat

Hot Cross Buns

I just finished mixing up my dough.  In the almost six years that I’ve been here at St. Anne’s, it’s become tradition that I make hot cross buns to serve for our residents’ snack on Holy Thursday afternoon.  Actually, they have traditionally been a food for Lent and Good Friday especially.  However, serving a special homemade treat seems more appropriate, to us here, for Holy Thursday rather than during the solemn fasting of Good Friday.  Also, Holy Thursday is the day we gratefully remember the first Eucharist, when Christ gave the “Bread from Heaven” for the first time.  To me, it seems fitting that residents enjoy these little breads on that day.

This time of the liturgical year is busy and a bit stressful since I serve as sacristan here, but I still like to take the time to make Hot Cross Buns.  It’s a kind of neat way of keeping our Catholic cultural…

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