Life’s Uncertain; Eat Dessert First!

sister with silverwareAlthough we are in the heart of the Lenten Season, this little quip, sometimes quoted by Sr. Elaine (with whom I live), was as bit appropriate once again.

I was reminded of it as I left our residents’ dining room this evening at suppertime.

I am working the front desk over supper and had sneaked in to see what I could find for nourishment in the long evening ahead of me.

The staff, however, were still serving supper to the residents, so the timing was not good for “sneaking through” at the serving counter.  I did see, though, the dessert cart with pudding and other items, which could easily be accessed without interrupting the dietary staff’s work.

I decided to grab a pudding and head back to the front desk, remember Sr. Elaine’s little comment about eating dessert first.  I would come back later for the main meal.

The first part of the sentence was also appropriate: “Life’s uncertain.”  A few days ago, I thought I would be working the night shift, but this ended up being unnecessary.  Tonight, however, it seems quite certain that this will be required of me.

I had no idea this morning that this would be almost a 24 hour work day for me.  (I did sneak in a 15 minute nap this afternoon, though.)

Actually, it may end up being a little shorter since we’re training someone new in.  I may get to go home for some ‘beauty rest’ a bit earlier tomorrow morning since there’ll be an extra person around.


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