Tudo Bem [All Good]

Please enjoy a little article all the way from Brazil!  Our Sisters serve in two provinces there.

Duque de Caxias, March 21st, 2017

I am Sr.  Sueli from Caxias Province.  I was with the Sisters of St Anne’s Convent for some months in 2003.  It was a marvelous experience! I am so grateful!

Nowadays, I am responsible for our Sisters in our Province.  I have to encourage the sisters, take care of their health and visit them every year, specially the Sisters who live far away from here, in Caxias/Rio de Janero.  We have ten communities, dispersed in five States in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Mato Grosso do Sul, Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina.  Some of our Sisters work in schools, home for the elderly and pastoral work.

I have to travel long distances to see and be with the Sisters.

We have three schools where students pay tuition, two of them in Rio de Janeiro.  These schools in Rio de Janeiro support five free schools in very poor and dangerous areas.  These students receive everything from us: food, uniforms, school supplies and our care.  Maybe, one of them, “Creche Menino Jesus”, will be turned over to the Mayor of the city because we don’t have enough Sisters to take care of the school.  It is a shame because we have kids there from four months to five years old.  It is getting too heavy for us.

Yesterday, I came from a community in Ecoporanga/Espírito Santo.  There are three Sisters there and three Franciscan Brothers.  In addition to the parish church they attend to fifty-four communities in rural areas.  It is wonderful to be with those people! They have a deep faith and are very generous! They come to the church by bicycles, by cars, by horses and motos.  The small churches are always full of people.  The Franciscan priests have two or three Masses almost every day to attend all of those communities.

If you want to visit us, it will be a pleasure!

Pray for us and for our people! We do the same for you!

Sr.  Sueli Sendra


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