Can’t Pinch Me!

PA050022.JPGI just got my nails painted green by our kind activity assistant.  I already had a string of green beads on.

I remember, as a kid, being told that, on St. Patrick’s Day, you were liable to be pinched if you didn’t wear green.  To this day, I enjoy teasing about this and enjoying some St. Patrick’s Day humor.  I even have several St. Patrick’s Day jokes that I use for “joke of the day,” announcing them over our paging system.

This afternoon, our residents will enjoy some folk music from visiting entertainers.  It’s neat to have an occasion to celebrate as we’re getting very weary of winter and are itching for spring.  Although my family doesn’t have one drop of Irish blood, I can remember setting a special table and even enjoying green food on this mid-March festivity.

I write this as I wait for my nails to dry.  I’ve been warned to wait a while before embroidering so I don’t stain the towel I’m working on.

With my beads and nails, no one’d better pinch me…I’m Irish for the day!

2 thoughts on “Can’t Pinch Me!

  1. Sure and begorrah Sister, you could easily be mistaken for the ‘flying nun’. You flit about like a wee Irish sprite, from one place to another and it would take a net to catch and pinch you. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!
    And green nails, is it? Well, t’wer safe, you are!


  2. How I am befuddled to find a Sister can paint her nails! I heard of a “Green Thumb”, but never Green Pointer, Green Middle, Green Ring, and Green Pinkie too! LOL The residents at Saint Anne’s are very blessed to have you, Sister Christina, for you have more than a Green Thumb; you have a Green Heart that causes every person you touch, to grow in God’s love. Blessings.


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