Life’s Simple Pleasures

img_0553I was ecstatic!  I had to share the news!

After finishing my receptionist duties, I had been heading toward our dining room.  It was just about supper time.  One of our residents stopped me with the inquiry: “Sister, can you drain me?”  (The individual has a catheter which needs to be emptied periodically.)

I was not serving as personal care aide this evening, but it seemed that staff on duty were otherwise occupied.  Therefore, I preceded to the nurse’s office for gloves and the triangular graduated container we use for urine drainage.  On my way, I instructed him to meet me in the bathroom.

When I finally got to the bathroom, having been detained by an inquiring visitor, I had him roll back his pant leg, as is customary, in order to access and drain the bag. When this was done, I made a euphoria-inducing observation: a different style bag was in place!  It was complete with a tab and a cap, two things which safeguard against leeks and facilitate the drainage process.

I was so happy!  Wow!  Wonders never cease!  (I had been wishing we had a better style bag in place and had expressed my concerns to the nurse a week or two ago.  Nothing had happened at the time, but now…dreams do come true!)

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  It’s good to be grateful for the little things.  After all, one little tab and cap can prevent a BIG mess!

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