Get Off the Couch!

p1010031I missed posting here this past weekend because I was away, joining my old church youth group for their winter retreat at Camp Wapo near Amery, Wisconsin.

The theme of the weekend, which was brought home to us through several skits, drew from Pope Francis’ words at World Youth Day.  He encouraged his listeners to “get off the couch!”

The humorous yet poignant skits involved several student actors, their director, and an old couch in the lodge that served as our chapel.

We were reminded that we are not to just sit and stay comfortable.  We need to “get out there” and follow Jesus where he is calling us, whatever our walk in life may be.  Although it is easier just to “sit around” and do non-constructive (even detrimental) activities, there is so much more to life than “sitting on a couch.”

My experience of getting back to town for these functions never seems to be one of ease and comfort, so I guess I am in compliance with Pope Francis’ exhortation on that one.  With a possible snow storm and drivers’ change of plans, transportation was once again an adventure!


One thought on “Get Off the Couch!

  1. I’ve been to Camp Wapo!

    And yes, traveling the Upper Midwest this time of year is always an adventure! We were grateful the much-hyped snowstorm didn’t amount to much here in the Cities.


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