You Are My All in All

stannesI planned a special lesson for our Bible Study this morning since this Tuesday’s gathering with our residents landed on the very morning of Valentine’s Day itself.

I used readings from 1 Corinthians 13, 1 John, and other love-related passages, including the greatest commandment as outlined in Mark’s gospel.  I thought it would be nice to point out to our residents, amidst all the superficial hearts and flowers, the true meaning and call of love.

We talked about Jesus’ call to “love one another as I have loved you,” about how and to what extent He loved us.  In light of this selfless, life-giving love “even to death on a cross,” we reminded ourselves that our love cannot know selfish limits.

As is often the case, this morning’s resident Bible Study included singing.  I had picked a couple of songs that seemed apropos for Valentine’s Day, including “Down in My Heart” and “Come into My Heart.”

However, we got done with the lesson a bit early and had time for a couple more songs.  We ended by singing a song appropriate to this special day in its own way: “You Are My All in All.”

On Valentine’s Day, lovers sometimes exchange messages with endearing phrases; even Sweetheart candies offer phrases such as “LOVE YOU,” “ONLY YOU,” and “BE MINE.”

For all of us as Christians, and especially for me as a Religious, it seemed appropriate to sing this song as a Valentine message to Jesus, my spouse.

I’m not in the candy-making business (although I do my share of cookie baking), but I could envision a little sweetheart inscribed with the words: “My All in All.”

While thousands of people around us are using this annual break in the winter blahs to express their love and devotion to their “sweetheart,” why shouldn’t we do the same to Ours?

3 thoughts on “You Are My All in All

  1. You show your love in many little ways, Sister. Baking special cookies and holiday treats for our snack time, embroidering dish towels for sale to the public, washing out compression stockings and (the trait that has always impressed me) your enthusiasm. Sometimes we residents will be seriously concentrating on a bingo game, when your voice will ring out from the hallway, “BINGO”! You make us laugh – a cheerful form of your love.


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