Blest Are They

il_340x270-1115753979_7217It was a busy morning…

Tuesday mornings are always busy: getting ready for Bible study, setting up for Mass, attending Mass, giving a break to the receptionist on duty, finalizing Bible study preparations and finally leading the group of residents in the weekly study.  It’s always a relief when I finally sit down and catch my breath at 11:15 when I give my co-worker her lunch break.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad to do it, but it is a bit like ‘crunch time’ trying to get it all done in a short time period.

The last few weeks, we’ve been studying the Gospel of Matthew.  We are now at the Sermon on the Mount, discussing the Beattitudes and the salt and light metaphors.

A few months ago, we were given a projector, and I now have the capacity to show lyrics and even YouTube videos on a screen for our residents.  They really seem to enjoy singing along to the spiritual songs.

We have some “old stand by” hymns and songs, but I also try to incorporate a song or two that really pertains to the lesson of the day.

It thought the song “Blest Are They” would be appropriate and was happy to hear the residents singing along heartily to it.

The words of the song also touched me personally as I sat listening and singing with the music video during this morning’s Bible Study.

It occurred to me how we are really, truly blessed.  What a privilege and an honor to be invited to live as disciples of Christ!  How blessed we are to be called to a life in imitation of Him.

One thought on “Blest Are They

  1. We truly are blessed. I try hard to be thankful for the small things and NOT to take ANYTHING for granted down to each breath I take.

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