“Take Delight in the LORD”


St. Angela, from catholic.org

This morning, I arrived in chapel, and after having done a few duties in preparation for Mass, I settled in a pew for my time of prayer.  Conveniently, there are missalettes in each of the pews and I grabbed one to aid my morning meditation.  I like to use the readings of the day, and sometimes will start with the responsorial psalm as its full text is printed in the missalette.  I usually move on from there to the gospel of the day.

This morning, however, I lingered on the psalm for longer than usual.  There was so much there to ponder.  The passage, Psalm 37, exhorts us to “take delight in the Lord.”

This word, delight, caught my interest at this time.  I had just heard it the previous evening.  It had been used in a slightly unusual way. Now, here it was again in the psalm.

I decided to look it up.  Delight, used as a noun here, can be defined as”a high degree of pleasure.”  Inserting this definition into the psalm, we find that we are to take a high degree of pleasure in the Lord, and he will give us our heart’s request.

We are also encouraged:”Commit to the LORD your way; trust in him, and he will act.”  I find this psalm so beautiful, so inspiring.  You might find it a rich source for meditation as well.

I wonder what today’s saint, St. Angela Merici, might have thought of this psalm.  She had her focus on the Lord as she served Him in the young girls who needed her.

I was first introduced to St. Angela many years ago, looking through a saints book.  My sister is named Angela, and I was trying to find information about her.  I saw the illustrated biographical page: “St. Angela, friend of little girls.”  I thought it was perfect for my sister, who was a little girl at the time.

I learned that St. Angela’s feast day is January 27.  Ever since then, I’ve always remembered my sister in a special way this day and prayed especially for her.

May St. Angela pray for us all, that we may delight in and trust our Lord more each day, striving to serve Him as she did.

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